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Mixed Media Artist

Mixed Media Artist

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Life Lessons Mandala Mixed Media Piece

I've always been intrigued by mandalas and lifes lessons.  Life is too short to constantly worry about what others think of me or my actions. I spent most of my past worried about what others thought of me and trying to meet their approval. Whatever was considered "socially acceptable" at that moment was what I strived for. Obviously,  I had quite a balancing act trying to keep up with the ever-changing definitions of acceptable behavior.  Even now I find myself sometimes falling back into these old ways but for the most part I no longer live my life dictated by the whims of others. 

One more thing I've learned is not to take life so damn seriously... like everything else it will come to an end and what happens next will be nothing less than miraculous!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

SoulCollage Card "Elephant in the Corner"

I made this collage a few days ago eventhough in my heart I knew what my soul was trying to say, I just couldn't put it into words.  When I came across this definition today I was so happy to finally find a way to  put feelings into words...  "elephant in the corner" is an English idiom for an obvious truth that is being ignored or goes unaddressed. The idiomatic expression also applies to an obvious problem no one wants to discuss.

This collage is based on the idea that an elephant in our surroundings is impossible to overlook; thus, myself and others who pretend the elephant is not there may be concerning ourselves with relatively small and even irrelevant matters, compared to the looming big one.

I've come across this feeling at different points in my life and it's at these time I catch myself thinking "if I pretend it's not there will it go away"?  It never does! When looking at this card I hope to be reminded that facing the uncomfortable situations in my life will set me free, allowing me to be ME and living life in it's truest form.

Monday, January 18, 2010

OneArtsyChick Collar Necklace

These bold necklaces are all over the fashion magazines and are popping up everywhere from the runway to the red carpet. Bib or collared necklaces are being used to dress up everything from basic skinny tank tops to strapless cocktail dresses. They can make old outfits look new again and heads turn when you step into a room. I made this piece for my girlfriend Michelle for her birthday. Each flower was hand stitched and a hint of sparkle was added by sewing on beads. Black silky ribbon was used to fasten into a pretty bow on the back of her neck.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oliver's Big Adventure

A very nice person and her husband whom I've known for many years give their son one piece of artwork made by a local artists each year.  I was honoured when they chose me to do this piece for him.  She asked that I incorporate him and his two dogs into a magical painting full of life and of colour. 

Monday, January 11, 2010

My First SoulCollage Card

Here is my very first SoulCollage card for 2010.  I made it by flipping through magazines and cutting out only the pictures that spoke to me at the time and next organizing them in such a way on my board that was appealing to me.  I then did some drawing and art work to add more of my thoughts without adding words. This is the first step in creating my very own personal deck of cards, which I will be able to use throughout my life.  If you know me well you'll know I own my own set of tarot cards, I have always been interested in making the connection from minds to soul and lettling the cards speak to the future.  If you want to know more about SoulCollage please visit 

Mod Podge Button Sign

I've wanted to do this for so long and I finally had the chance this weekend.  I've taken a plain picture frame, painted it black and mod podged some vintage buttons to form the letter "N" for NOTTE.  I had so much fun doing this piece.  But beware it's not as easy as it looks! 

Spring n' Summer 2010

I put together some shells, buttons and wooden beads for a fun and fasionable necklace. 
Love Heart Necklace
Choose one of a kind original pieces for yourself when buying your jewelry!!! This necklace and the ones below are fun and flirty.
Leather, bead and button friendship bracelet.  SOLD
"I AM"
Beaded choker with glass, clay and resin beads in blue, gold and lime green.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Blogger Trouble

A few of my followers have been wondering why I haven't been posting to my blog lately...I have a good reason why...really I do!!!  My computer has been down with a nasty virus but should be back home very soon.  Thankfully my daughter has allowed me to check in here on occasion but I'm unable to download pictures to her computer with my camera.  I've been doing some painting, creating some yummy bath and beauty products, jewelry and a little soulcollaging.  These will all be uploaded in time so please understand when you see tons of my stuff showing up on your's only me catching up to lost time!!!  Happy Blogging my friends and followers:)