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Mixed Media Artist

Mixed Media Artist

Sunday, March 15, 2009

ART GALLERY!!!!!!!!!

February 15, 2009

First...I can't believe it's finally happening Second...I reeeeeallly can't believe it's finally happening and thirdly...IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING!!!! As you may already know I've been a member of DRAC for a long time now, we've been pushing and pushing to have an art gallery here in town!!! We've come close a few times but there has always been some kind of a road block or dead end. Not this time...we've finally done it and you couldn't ask for a better location. We have a few renovations like painting and lighting but with all of us artists pitching in it should be done in no time. At least that's what we're hoping, you see we don't really have a lot of time as our Grand Opening will be May 1st!!!! Speaking of time lines, I had better get going and start on some new jewelry designs that have been on my mind not to mention I would really like to do a few more paintings as well! So I better be going...I'll keep you posted:)

Christmas Tree Hunt

December 14, 2008's November the 30th...EEK...Tomorrow December 1...(dahh after the last day of the month, the first of the next, will begin obviously )...throw-up-hands-in-the-air...comprehension, only 24 shopping and prepping days left till the big day 'Christmas'.
In my family that means it's time to start getting ready for the big Christmas Tree Hunt; the hunt for that most elusive and rarest of creatures: the perfect Christmas Tree. After a strong cup of coffee and some bacon and eggs my husband, mydaughter, my dog Gracie and myself set out on our journey to find the perfect tree. Beware you perfect tree, you will not escape, this is the one, this one here, no the needles are too long, this is this one is better, no this side is flat...too short...too skinny...too perfect...blessed are you lucky few who has the entire family agreeing on THE perfect Christmas tree. After driving down many back roads we decided to take our chances and venture out to our cottage to see whether we could possibly find something there. We parked the truck and decided to walk a ways...finally there it was, the perfect tree and the rest is history! To make a long story short, we finally got it home and after an afternoon of decorating and fun the tree is finally up. Did I mention "I LOVE Christmas"

Happiness = Wanting What We Have

November 21, 2008
If the economy fails, will our hopes, our dreams, our sense of well-being disapear? I like to think not.The loss of a job or a loved one, are two of the most devastating things one could face. Experiencing one of these could be the cause of serious unhappiness.
Our country is facing a financial crisis which is leading people to feel insecure and nervous about their futures.I feel that happiness is not a matter of chance. Most of us have experienced loss and have felt the pain. But humans are remarkably resilient and soon we realize that with time our happiness and sense of success and satisfaction have little to do with the economy and the size of our paychecks.
I've never really believed that money can bring true happiness, I think back to my grandparents who had so little but yet seemed to have so much happiness in their lives. They had a wealth of friends and their house was alway filled with laughter and the smell of my grandmas baking. Our Christmas gifts were always handmade, as money was tight and they couldn't afford to give us gifts bought from the store. My memories of those years growing up are my most happy ones. It's not the gifts that hold a special place in my heart, it's the memories of my extended family sitting around singing Christmas carols in my grandparents tiny livingroom.Don't get me wrong, I do believe that the absence of money can make people miserable. Once we find ourselves living above the poverty level, more money leads to very small gains in happiness. And still people think they'll be happier if only they could make an extra few dollars an hour. When we finally get that raise in pay, we realize it's like a brief sugar-high that doesn't last. I've found that comparing myself to others in terms of income, only make myself and those around me miserable.
People may work very hard to be able to buy a big expensive house that for a short while makes them feel a sense of pride. But before long, it's just a house with four walls and The soon realized it's the collection of memories made there with the people that matter to them that make it home.
I've spoke with others and they feel the same way as I , when you are giving to your community or pursuing personal growth, our happiness levels are at a high. It's our relationships with family, friends and even our pets that are so much more important to our feelings of happiness. So much more than money or material things.
I disagree with the idea that one can measure the quality of life with one's standard of living.
My grandparents and many like them chose to simplify their lives. They weren't consumed by what the Jone's next door had and they were quite happy, Happier than the neighbour down the street who chose to go in the other direction.
I guess what I'm trying to say, is that a harsher, even shakey, economic climate may bring all of us opportunities for personal growth and increased happiness — if we make the right choices.
You can go down town and dream of having more useless material things, or you can get your dog, take a walk in the woods and just appreciate the wonders of the world around you. Spend time with the people who matter most to you.
You'll be happier, and those you give your love and attention to will be happier too. A big part of happiness is learning to want what you have and not what you don't.

Fall is Here...

September 27, 2008

How can one not love this time of year? With the everchanging scenery and the fresh crip moring air. Every time I look out my window I'm greeted with new colours and a wanting to sit down and paint the beauty that surrounds me. Trying to find the time can be a little challenging but today I'm going to take the time to create something. After my morning coffee, I think I'll make my way downtown to purchase some much needed supplies. I've been wanting to make myself a new soldered pendant on a long chain...I"ve noticed that more and more people are wearing single pendants on chains of all lengths. Wish me luck!

Glass Pendants

May 19, 2008

Finally had the chance to create some of those cute soldered glass pendants I had seen at They turned out better then I had thought. Made a few for my girlfriends and family members! I've personalized each piece adding frazes that the person I've created the pendant for has been known to use! I'm glad I took the time to try my hand at these! They really made beautiful gifts. LOL...was at my sister-in-laws yesterday and noticed she had made some for her cats...was hoping nobody noticed I was wearing a similar piece...looked cute on the cat though and I'm sure if anyone wants to purchase these pendants I could forward you onto her! They are really alot of work and I think I'll just stick to making them for family and friends. I'm hoping to get my hands on some stained glass...I have so many ideas for the cottage and can't wait to try them out! Willene...when's that fused glass class gonna happen!! Anyhoo...hope you all had a great long weekend!!!

Art at the Centre

April 18, 2008

I will be busy setting up my art exhibit this weekend!!! Been painting alot and have actually finished a few new pieces. My latest is a watercolor that I've been working on in my mind for sometime and finally completed it this week! I'm hoping to do one more before my show but my time is limited and I'm waiting for my creative side to show itself once again!

Spring has Sprung!

April 12, 2008

When I was cleaning out my antique china cabinet that my grandma had given me I came across a package of long forgotten morning glory seeds. As I looked outside at the blowing snow I thought to myself is it too early to plant these? Looking outside you would have thought so but it was the first week in April and I knew before long the snow would all be gone and I could transplant them into larger container on the veranda to greet friends and family as they walk up to the front door! It wasn't long before I pulled out the bag of rich black earth I had saved from last year, carefully I added some peat moss and fertilizer to create the perfect home for the seeds to thrive. The question on my mind now was what would I plant them in? After going through my cupboards I came across an old ceramic loaf pan that I had purchased at a garage sale last summer. I knew when I saw it I just had to have it. I carefully added the black earth the the pan and spaced the seeds apart asper the directions. It took a few days but the sprouts started poking through the soil one by one it felt like spring had finally arrived. I can't wait to transplant the fragile seedlings to a new home with an old wire bird cage placed in the centre so the beautiful vines and colorful flowers can entwine themselves throughout.