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Mixed Media Artist

Mixed Media Artist

Sunday, March 15, 2009

ART GALLERY!!!!!!!!!

February 15, 2009

First...I can't believe it's finally happening Second...I reeeeeallly can't believe it's finally happening and thirdly...IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING!!!! As you may already know I've been a member of DRAC for a long time now, we've been pushing and pushing to have an art gallery here in town!!! We've come close a few times but there has always been some kind of a road block or dead end. Not this time...we've finally done it and you couldn't ask for a better location. We have a few renovations like painting and lighting but with all of us artists pitching in it should be done in no time. At least that's what we're hoping, you see we don't really have a lot of time as our Grand Opening will be May 1st!!!! Speaking of time lines, I had better get going and start on some new jewelry designs that have been on my mind not to mention I would really like to do a few more paintings as well! So I better be going...I'll keep you posted:)

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