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Mixed Media Artist

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Christmas Tree Hunt

December 14, 2008's November the 30th...EEK...Tomorrow December 1...(dahh after the last day of the month, the first of the next, will begin obviously )...throw-up-hands-in-the-air...comprehension, only 24 shopping and prepping days left till the big day 'Christmas'.
In my family that means it's time to start getting ready for the big Christmas Tree Hunt; the hunt for that most elusive and rarest of creatures: the perfect Christmas Tree. After a strong cup of coffee and some bacon and eggs my husband, mydaughter, my dog Gracie and myself set out on our journey to find the perfect tree. Beware you perfect tree, you will not escape, this is the one, this one here, no the needles are too long, this is this one is better, no this side is flat...too short...too skinny...too perfect...blessed are you lucky few who has the entire family agreeing on THE perfect Christmas tree. After driving down many back roads we decided to take our chances and venture out to our cottage to see whether we could possibly find something there. We parked the truck and decided to walk a ways...finally there it was, the perfect tree and the rest is history! To make a long story short, we finally got it home and after an afternoon of decorating and fun the tree is finally up. Did I mention "I LOVE Christmas"

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