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Mixed Media Artist

Mixed Media Artist

Friday, July 30, 2010

Mystic Blue

Mystic Blue is 19.5 inches in length. The focal bead is made of carved bone from India paired with pretty glass beads, ceramic beads, shells, polished river rocks, carved bone beads and seed beads. Like many of my pieces a vintage button and loop have been added for easy fastening.

To purchase this piece please click on the link

Carved Bone Beads and Pendants

Lovin' these carved bone pieces made in India.  I purchased these yesterday and can't wait to create some new Mother Earth pieces to add to my One Artsy Chick shop! 

If you are a bead supplier check these out at

Here's a little update on a necklace I made with one of these pendants...

you like?

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Leather Loop Bracelet

Living in a small town can sometimes be challenging when you're an artist.  Supplies run low and sometimes you have to think outside of the box.  I love working with chain but I'm finding it challenging to say the least finding suppliers in town.  I've had this pretty leather cording in my stash for sometime and I've been using it throughout the summer in my work. This piece was inspired by a bracelet photographed on a very posh celebritie wrist.  I love the simplicity of it.

To purchase this bracelet please click on the following link 

Friday, July 23, 2010

Statement Pieces

I was asked by a very special lady to make a donation to her 20th High School Reunion this summer. I said "YES" and knew I wanted to give them something very special for this event. This class graduated a year after me, I grew up with so many of them. You can imagine how honored I was when Caley asked me to be a part of this. Good luck to all who attend!!!

This warm and chuncky necklace is made in gold and brown tones and measure 20 inches in length.

For more details or to purchase this piece please click on the following link

 Love how this necklace turned out... I've been saving these red and brown swirl beads forever.  I think they really add a touch of elegance to this piece.  It measures 18.5 inches.

For more details or to purchase this piece please click on the following link

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Mother Earth Necklace

This piece is both earthy and sophisticated. To make this necklace I've brought together polished river rock, vintage buttons, a wooden bead, bronze seed beads, dark brown shell beads and a gold cirlcle clasp. This necklace measures 18 inches.

To purchase this item through my One Artsy Chick Studio please click on the following link  

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mother Earth Collection

Casual necklace made with three polished river rocks, wrapped in non-tarnish gunmetal wire, attached to chocolate brown cording with a vintage button to fasten.  This bracelet measures 8".

To purchase this piece or  any of the following pieces please click on the above link!

This pieces focal point is a bronze metal pendant, turquoise stones, wood beads, turquoise bead, bronze seed beads and a vintage wooden button to fasten.  This bracelet measures 9". 

Beach casual necklace made with one wooden pendant, shell beads, brown seed beads, copper disc, copper clasp and chocolate brown leather cording.  This necklace measures 18".

Aloha...this earthy bracelet reminds me of Hawaii with it's vibrant colours.  Its made with glass beads, turquoise stones, wood beads, bronze seed beads, chocolate brown cording, brown seed beads, dark brown leather cording with a beautiful gold clasp.  This bracelet measure 8". 

Love this sophisticated but casual piece.  This piece is a marriage of polished river rock, vintage buttons, wood beads, bronze seed beads, dark brown leather cording and a beautiful stone arrowhead pendant.  It measures 19". 

Happiness Bracelet


A daring hammered focal piece is enhanced with a happiness charm and paired up with  hematite beads, grey pearl, white cermic bead, tumbled river rock, black and bronze seed beads with a vintage bronzed button to fasten. This bracelet measure 8".

To purchase this piece please click on the following link

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

One Artsy Chick Studio Store Front

One Artsy Chick Studio
Facebook Store Front

So happy to finally introduce you to my new One Artsy Chick Studio store front on facebook.  I'm gradually adding new pieces every day and hoping you will click on the face book link to your left and "LIKE" my page.

Once you're there go to the top of the page and click on the blue SHOP NOW tab!  Voila... my new store front :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Mother Earth Necklaces

22" necklace has a OneArtsyChick hammered metal pendant with semi precious stone and a glass bead charm.  The necklace is made from braided black cording with beads and a black vintage button loop closure.

18" rustic choker has a brass hoop adorned with a red river rock and two shells.  It is attached with black, linen, and brown cording and a brown vintage button loop closure.

22" necklace is simple but sophisticated.  The focal piece is a gunmetal hoop, adorned with a grey tumbled river rock, wrapped in non-tarnish gunmetal jewelry wire.  It hangs from brown and black cording, with a brown vintage button and loop closure.

Statement Mixed Media Jewelry

16" choker made with black chunky metal chain, three OneArtsyChick handcrafted metal charms and a OneArtsyChick pendant.  The pendant and charms are attached with non-tarnish gunmetal wire.  This statement piece is guarenteed to last a lifetime. 

This one of a kind 18" necklace is made of handmade non-tarnish gunmetal wire hoops, amber glass beads, Blue Moon semi precious stones and vintage buttons.  The beads and stones are wire wrapped in non-tarnish gunmetal jewelry wire.


This unique 7" bracelet is made with handmade non-tarnish gunmetal wire hoops, Blue Moon semi precious stones and gunmetal chain. The stones have been wire wrapped in non-tarnish gunmetal jewelry wire.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Birds in a Tree

Title:  Birds in a Tree
Medium:  mixed media collage
Size:  8x10
(not for sale)

Title:  Bird in a Tree
Medium:  mixed media collage
Size:  8x10
(not for sale)

This past week my husband and I spent a few days out at our cottage.  We built our little vacation home a few years back, I'm still decorating it and adding little touches here and there.  These two pieces are now carefully placed on a corner shelf in my country kitchen... they added some much needed colour and whimsy to the space.