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Mixed Media Artist

Mixed Media Artist

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Mother Earth Collection

Casual necklace made with three polished river rocks, wrapped in non-tarnish gunmetal wire, attached to chocolate brown cording with a vintage button to fasten.  This bracelet measures 8".

To purchase this piece or  any of the following pieces please click on the above link!

This pieces focal point is a bronze metal pendant, turquoise stones, wood beads, turquoise bead, bronze seed beads and a vintage wooden button to fasten.  This bracelet measures 9". 

Beach casual necklace made with one wooden pendant, shell beads, brown seed beads, copper disc, copper clasp and chocolate brown leather cording.  This necklace measures 18".

Aloha...this earthy bracelet reminds me of Hawaii with it's vibrant colours.  Its made with glass beads, turquoise stones, wood beads, bronze seed beads, chocolate brown cording, brown seed beads, dark brown leather cording with a beautiful gold clasp.  This bracelet measure 8". 

Love this sophisticated but casual piece.  This piece is a marriage of polished river rock, vintage buttons, wood beads, bronze seed beads, dark brown leather cording and a beautiful stone arrowhead pendant.  It measures 19". 


Diane said...

Your jewelry creations are outstanding!

Joella said...

Thanks Diane... you are so sweet :)

Kerri said...

i love all the earthy materials u used!

Joella said...

Thanks Kerri ;)

Cindy said...

Joella, your jewelry has such a distinct character...I agree they are earthy and just beautiful! I think my favorites are the Aloha piece and the casual beach necklace - all perfect summertime pieces!