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Mixed Media Artist

Mixed Media Artist

Friday, July 30, 2010

Mystic Blue

Mystic Blue is 19.5 inches in length. The focal bead is made of carved bone from India paired with pretty glass beads, ceramic beads, shells, polished river rocks, carved bone beads and seed beads. Like many of my pieces a vintage button and loop have been added for easy fastening.

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Cindy said...

Your latest necklaces are just gorgeous...earthy and elegant at the same time. :-) p.s. I like!

Joella said...

thanks Cindy :) Just picked up some of the biggest wooden beads that I could find yesterday... can't wait to make more !!!

Lorrie Everitt Studio said...

Hey there ... just popped over to see your blog. I LOVE your work ... great colours and very organic. I was so excited to see that you are Canadian too!