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Mixed Media Artist

Mixed Media Artist

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

One Artsy Chick Studio Store Front

One Artsy Chick Studio
Facebook Store Front

So happy to finally introduce you to my new One Artsy Chick Studio store front on facebook.  I'm gradually adding new pieces every day and hoping you will click on the face book link to your left and "LIKE" my page.

Once you're there go to the top of the page and click on the blue SHOP NOW tab!  Voila... my new store front :)


Cindy said...

Just "liked" your shop page on FB! And you have some gorgeous jewelry pieces there such as the Statement piece and the pendants on of luck to you with your shop! :-)

Joella said...

thanks Cindy :) I've been having so much fun making my own pendants... loving the mixed media movement!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations I checked out your facebook shop... very nice. I have a question as I'm trying to navigate facebook (very poorly I might add)
I tired to get another facebook page under blueandjasper, so as to keep art people separate as Kelly suggested, but they told me you cant have 2 facebooks, so i made a facebook page. But don't know if it's connected or not. I dont really want it to be , but i think it means I cant request or accept art friends.....Sorry to bombard you with questions,

Joella said...

What's your facebook page called and I will see if I can connect to it :)