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Mixed Media Artist

Sunday, August 16, 2009

G'Saling Treasures

I was lucky enough to find these tools at a retired jewelry makers yard sale. Bought all of these for just 75 cents.
This handcrafted country shelf will find a new home in the Loo out at the cottage... 75 cents

When I spotted this baby I almost knocked a women over trying to get to it before it was snatched up. This will be perfect outside our bedroom window filled with bird seed...I can't think of anything better to wake up to in the morning than the birds singing and having their breakfast.5 dollars

These are fridge magnets ~ 250 words per pkg. The first thing I did after arriving home was create an inspirational saying and put it on my fridge. Food is not to feed the soul! EAT only when hunger strikes:) 50 cents

A sea grass basket to keep our mittens and toques organized this winter just 5 dollars.

Some pewter pendants for future jewelry projects just 50 cents~ a steal of a deal wouldn't you say?


lilibulle said...

wow Joella!! good shopping!! the little pendants are so cute, and 50 cents... !!!

Lisa ( nickname "L" ) said...

you kicked butt! I love those inspirational words I had some on my locker at work and some of my co-workers had WAY to much fun with them (dirty minds!)lol!

jeweledrabbit said...

What a nice haul. =OD