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Mixed Media Artist

Mixed Media Artist

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Big and Beautiful Gold and Silver

Gold and Silver Big n' Beautiful Cocktail Rings #NN0328100518
Silver Cocktail Rings #NN0328100418

Long Gold Double Strand Necklace #NN0328100224
Long Gold Beaded Necklace $NN0328100424
Gold (non-tarnish) Wire Wrapped Cocktail Rings #NN0328100618
Gold beaded and wired wrapped bracelet #NN0328100618

Peach organza and silver charm bracelet #NN0329100118

These and more can be found at the Naked North Gallery & Gifts


Tarasview said...

I bought the pretty pink bracelet for Kelly for her birthday :) I love it!

Joella said...

I'm so glad :) I hope Kelly loves it too !!!