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Mixed Media Artist

Mixed Media Artist

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Aligning My Dreams

Today is the first day of Kelly Rae's Flying Lessons creative business e-course.  My first assignment is to record in my journal my answers to some very interesting questions.

1) What does your creative business look like?  I envision my creative business as my own on-line gift shop  selling my work in a number of forms such as: jewelry, journals, silk flags, cards, prints and originals.  I will have at least one assistant who will take care of paperwork and finances.  My pieces will eventually be sold in stores and boutiques both nationally and internationally.  This will start out as a part-time business but will eventually work into full-time.  

2) How do your dreams align with who you are and what your product is?  My heart is happiest when helping others see the good in life and feel good about themselves. By creating mixed media collages and working inspirational words into my pieces. I have found a way to speak to the hearts and souls of others.  My hope is that they will see my work, reconnect with their souls leading them to the answers they are looking for.

Answering these two questions helped me envision a clear picture of what kind of work I want to create and how my pieces will be of value to others.

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