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Mixed Media Artist

Mixed Media Artist

Monday, August 23, 2010

Free 21 day Guided Meditation Challenge

I am hoping through this meditation I'll be more open to my creative muse, letting go of any block or doubts I've been having about my art and life in general.

The 21-day Meditation Challenge starts with small steps and gently progresses to longer meditations, then eases back down. During this challenge we will be exploring different types of meditation. The optimum length and frequency for a meditation practice is 30 minutes, twice each day, but we’ll begin with a few minutes at first and work our way up to more extended meditations.

They say if you already have a meditation practice to feel free and continue with that and to use the daily guided meditation as a way to enhance and deepen your current practice. The power of a guided meditation can help you stay in the present moment, move through blockages, heal aspects of your self that you didn’t even know were wounded, as well as experience deeper states of relaxation and higher states of consciousness.

So come join me guys... you know you want to :)

click on the link... it's free !

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