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Mixed Media Artist

Mixed Media Artist

Sunday, October 10, 2010

(Nee Chee) Friendship Feathers

Friendship Feathers

Spirit Feather Friendship (Nee Chee) These pieces symbolize strength in friendship. Give as a gift to your friend and keep the other as a symbol of honour for the friendship you share. In Native culture feathers have a long history of symbolism. In respect of this tradition I offer you 'Spirit Feathers to hold close to you as you travel on your life path.

To purchased these one of a kind spirit feathers please visit my One Artsy Chick Studio and click on the SHOP NOW button at the top of my page


Pretty Things said...

Those are really interesting!!!

Anonymous said...
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Joella said...

Thanks, I wish I could take full credit for these but they are not a new concept. Recently, I did a powerpoint presentation on the first nation culture and was captivated by their beliefs, abundance of spirit and symbolisms. This is where I learned of the friendship feathers and answer feathers. We are surrounded by first nation people in this area. It's thought that my great great grandmother was possibly metis, my uncle has done some research and is sending me all he knows. So exciting :)