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Mixed Media Artist

Sunday, June 5, 2011

GIVEAWAY - Precious Stone Bracelet

To Enter this Giveaway you can do 1 or more of the following:

1. If you're not a fan already please click the 'LIKE' tab at the top of my One Artsy Chick Facebook page and leave a comment on my wall about the contest!

2. Share this contest with your facebook friends by copy and pasting the following to your wall:

GIVEAWAY going on at One Artsy Chick Studio.  Check it out by clicking on the following link and 'LIKE' her funky page !!!  Be sure to leave a wall post, letting Joella know I sent you and we'll be entered to win.

3. Are you a BLOGGER? Post a GIVEAWAY shout out to your friends with a link to this post.  Ask them to leave a comment with their name and yours and you'll both be entered to win!

The winner will be names on my Facebook page Monday, June 13th!

NOTE:  Facbook is in no way affiliated with this giveaway.


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