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Mixed Media Artist

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Son~The Grade EIght Grad!

Yesterday was my son Adam's grade eight graduation. As if graduating wasn't enough to pull at my heart strings...he had to go and win the Kathy Sanders award too! I remember thinking to myself, these are the moments in life we as parents live for, there's nothing life that feeling of overwhelming love and admiration your feel for you child when they achieve something great. I can still remember walking him to the bus stop on his first day of kindergarten, I wanted to drive him that day but he was so excited to be riding the bus just like his big sister (she's the pretty lady in the pictures next to my son). Now he off to High School in September...just like his big sister:) Adam...Dad, Emma and I are all so proud of you and wish you all the success in the days to come in High School:)

1 comment:

Lisa ( nickname "L" ) said...

What an honour to receive that award! I was looking for him today so I could give him a big hug, but he was a no show!