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Mixed Media Artist

Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Outlet to Sell my Jewelry!

Ring ring goes the phone "hello"? "Hi this is Rainbow Point Lodge Gift Shop calling, we were at the Naked North gallery yesterday and loved your jewelry. Would you be interested in displaying some for sale in our shop?" SILENCE..."how many pieces would you like and when"?
She wanted a variety of different styles and pieces. Her shop has a steady flow of tourists and locals. I've promised to have twelve pieces done for her by Monday of next week and more to follow as she comes to our wilderness city weekly. So far I've made two beach inspired necklaces with bracelets to match. I just hope I can keep up, I'm already sooo busy making pieces for the gallery. I'm not complaining though, this could be the start of something good!


Lisa ( nickname "L" ) said...

That's great! It's good to get your goods at more than one place. Good luck! :)

Ruby Rose said...

What wonderful news! Congratulations on your new avenue!

jeweledrabbit/Maureen said...

Congratulations. May you make many sales. =OD