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Mixed Media Artist

Mixed Media Artist

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hand Turned Exotic Wood Ornaments

For my 39th birthday, my sister Kerry and her husband, Ed gave me this beautiful hand turned wood ornament.  My brother in-law Ed, works with all kinds of wonderful exotic woods and had been saving this particular piece for awhile and was not quite sure what he wanted to transform it into.

 I've always loved receiving handmade gifts and so he and my sister decided on one of these beautiful ornaments, made especially for me in mind.

Little did he know, there was a little something very special ingrained in the wood, something that would have significant meaning when it was uncovered.

Look very you see it?  Do you see the bear paw print?  When I opened this lovingly and thoughtfully made gift I was near tears.  You see, I work as a Team Leader for victim services with 16 volunteers working under me.  One of those volunteers, whom is not longer with us, always called me mama bear.  She said I was like a mama bear watching over her cubs, my volunteers.

 I did a little research on what the Bear Paw symbolises and found in many cultures it stands for power, direction and connection to creator. 

I believe there are no coincidences in life and that everything happens for a reason.  Ed chose this piece of wood for me without knowing the significance behind it.  Chance?  I think not.

If you're interested in purchasing one of Ed's hand turned ornaments you can email him at or visit his website

Each handmade wooden ornament has its own distinctive warmth and beauty. In the talented hands of my brother-in-law, each individual unrepeated turn differentiates each ornament from the next, producing a lasting heirloom.
Many people keep some of the best and most expensive ornaments they have as keepsakes and collectibles and even pass them down in their families as heirlooms to enjoyed year after year.

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