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Mixed Media Artist

Mixed Media Artist

Monday, October 17, 2011

Wool Wrap and Necklace - Statement Pieces

 Last week I was getting ready for work, pulled out my black turtleneck and felt it was in need of a little zing.

After searching through my endless supply of scarves I settled upon one I had worn a million times... 'settled' is the key word here. Don't get me wrong, I like scarves as much as the next girl but I wanted something a little different more creative. Well my friends, the best part about being crafty is there's no limit to what one can create and this past weekend, that's exactly what I did.
This piece is made of wool...yes wool!!!  A lovely steel grey wool in fact!  To create this little lovely, I practiced the lost art of finger knitting, something my grandma taught me as a child.  
 The grey tassels and looped yarn have been tied here and there to add interest.  
 I've added this necklace, made with purple glass beads that have been strung and knotted in the same wool.  Don't they make a beautiful pair?

In the picture above the wrap has been looped around the neck twice but for can also be wrapped once shown below.

Beautiful any way you wear it!
Both pieces sold separately. 
Wool Wrap $34.95
Wool Glass Bead Necklace $19.95
 Custom orders welcome!  

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