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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Vintage Paris Dress Form

I've been looking for a dress form for forever, so when I opened my HTML one morning last month, to find a lovely lady's email saying she had one to give away, I felt like I had won the lottery! "She doesn't look like much, she's old and has a bit of a lean to her" the woman said.  "Are you sure you don't want anything for her" I ask. "I'm sure, just promise me you'll bring pictures of her when you're done refinishing her".   

The second I saw her my heart was bursting with joy.  I could not believe my luck!  

With a little muscle and a lot of determination, I finally managed to get all of the lavender covering off of her.  I liked the look of the paper form beneath but I had been inspired by a tutorial I had seen a year ago and a vision that I had long since wanted to bring to life... 
and here she is, my lovely vintage dress form.   After gathering old sheets of music and pages torn from old books to cover her bodice...

I then decided to apply the Paris inspired vintage images I had fallen in love with over the years...
and after the mod podge had dried I antiqued her by applying a coat Minwax Wood Finish to give her a warm aged look. beautiful she has turned out! Having something so lovely to displaying my scarves and jewelry on makes her that much more special to me. 

It all starts with a vision and a little inspiration!  I hope I've inspired you to bring your vision to life!!!!


Chelsea said...

What an amazing way to turn that into a fabulous piece for your home! I am always struggling with organizing particular parts of my wardrobe, including things like jewelry, purses and scarves! I may have to steal this idea!

Joella said...

Chelsea, I would love to see your finished dress form should you do decide to borrow this idea! I just came back from visiting your blog and read your post about your soon trip to Paris. My husband and I are planning to go for our 25th wedding's still five years off but half the fun is in the dreaming right? Enjoy your trip :)