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Mixed Media Artist

Mixed Media Artist

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas 2011 at the Notte's

Love this time of year!  It's always fun thinking up unique and inventive new ways to decorate our home for the holidays! 
My handmade 'HoHo' banner made with old pages of sheet music and strung on white ribbon.

Our festive but oh so relaxing living room.  Love this room year round but it's especially magical at Christmas!  If it could speak it would say "have a cup of tea and stay awhile"!

 My pretty ice ornaments resemble stained easy to make and very festive!

Hubs brought me loads of cedar branches from the cottage...

I tucked it in here and there, inside the house and out!  Not only is it beautiful but smells amazing!!!

Why not take that old pair of skates you have in storage, yum them up with some paint, a sprinkle of glitter and a happy holiday message! 

It just wouldn't be Christmas without one of my handmade twig stars.  These  are sure to add a bit of whimsy to any decor year round!

Merry Christmas to everyone. Peace Love and Happiness to you all!!!!

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